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Why Ivodex

We bring you the best in the world, like it was from just around the corner.

Ivodex Delivers Solutions

Factory Plant WorkersMore than ever before, our customers rely on Ivodex expertise as a critical component of doing business.

We live in an increasingly interconnected world where the next best innovation could come from anywhere. In order to stay competitive you want to be able to quickly and effectively source and integrate a specialty fiber, chemical or other raw material into your production process.

Ivodex is your ally. With exceptional working knowledge of the international marketplace, and after listening to your unique challenges, we will come back with a custom solution built around your needs.

We leave no stone unturned. We know complicated international rules of trade and how to deal with customs border hurdles. We will compare and contrast transportation options for you so that your goods arrive in the most efficient manner possible.

We’re ready to do whatever it takes. We have warehousing facilities in Milton, ON and Charleston, SC to ensure there is local stock available for prompt delivery whenever you need it.

Ivodex Delivers Trust

Know-how is nothing without trust.

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Your worst nightmare is to have to tell your customer that the product they’re buying from you has been held up for whatever reason.

At Ivodex we fully appreciate and understand how the manufacturing of a final product today has evolved into a chain of integrated global production steps. Our clients each represent a vital link in that chain of events that needs to operate smoothly on a continuous basis. If one step is compromised then the whole just-in-time manufacturing model is immediately put at risk.

Although it may be impossible to account for every disruptive scenario, you want to be sure you have done as much as you reasonably can to safeguard your supply of raw materials. You can rest assured that when you work with Ivodex, we will have put in place a prudent level of precautions to minimize the occurrence and impact of disruptions.

We can provide such a high level of trust and confidence because, after almost 30 years in the business, we have built the supplier relationships, experience and track record on which you can depend.

Ivodex supplies LENZING™ FR––a unique, high performance flame resistant fiber––to the textile mills that produce the uniforms for both the Canadian and US militaries, plus many municipal emergency first responders across North America. Now that’s what you call trust!

See What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

“The team at Ivodex has been a truly valued supplier over the course of many years. Responsiveness, attentiveness and integrity are by far their greatest attributes! ”

Rick M. - Quebec

“A reliable many year supplier of our specialty ink additive needs. Service is over the top. Ivodex is the BEST!”

Clarisse G. - Ontario