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LENZING™ FR is a sustainably produced inherently flame-resistant cellulosic fiber. It is commonly blended with other high-performance fibers to produce unique protective solutions for a variety of industrial applications. LENZING™ FR fibers typically contribute both protective qualities and enhanced comfort to these fabric blends. By enhancing the breathability of the fabric, they offer a significant reduction of heat stress, a major concern especially in hot environments.

LENZING™ Lyocell fibers are known for their natural comfort and environmentally responsible production process. They deliver quality, performance and versatility. Unique physical properties lead to their high tenacity profile, moisture management and gentleness on skin.

Brilliant in color and luster, LENZING™ Modal fibers are known for being exquisitely soft and pleasant on the skin. LENZING™ Modal fibers exhibit high flexibility, resulting in a naturally soft quality to the textile. Blending LENZING™ Modal fibers with other fibers significantly improves the property of softness in fabrics, enhancing overall comfort.

Standard fiber type from the global leader of viscose fiber technology.

LENZING™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG.

Other Specialty Products

PROFILEN® products are made of 100% PTFE

PTFE is unique among polymers with many outstanding properties, including:

  • Chemically inert
  • Extremely low friction
  • Application range from -200°C to +280°C
  • Inherently flame resistant with LOI of 95%
  • 100% UV stable, does not lose strength
  • Suitable for food and medical applications

PROFILEN® is a registered trademark of Lenzing Plastics GmbH & Co KG.

Iodine compounds
Range of iodine compounds used as food and feed additives as well as chemical applications where strong oxidizers are required.

Optical Brightening Agents
Additives typically used in detergents, paper and specialty applications.

Printing Ink Additives
Liquid formulations used in highly specialized printing inks.

Coatings Additives
Special additives used to augment paints and coatings properties.