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Our History

In our business, there is no shortcut to experience.

Doing an exemplary job of sourcing and delivering fibers and other specialty products is not something you learn to do overnight.

With 22 years of prior experience, our founder created Ivodex in 1990. This means that we’ve been at it in one fashion or another for over 50 years. You can also take comfort in the fact that all of our key staff have multi-decade experience in the business.

A newcomer can learn the current structure of international rules and regulations around sourcing raw materials for manufacturing. But to really give customers the best service, one has to be able to put current knowledge in perspective of how things were done before the era of global supply chains.

We continue to respect business fundamentals and relationships in a fast-moving world.

Quick Ivodex facts and timeline:

  • Founded in 1990

  • Initially focused on supplying specialty chemicals such as optical brightening agents and pigment intermediates

  • Started importing yarns from Europe in 1991, deepening our involvement with the textile industry

  • Became exclusive distributor of LENZING™ fibers in Canada in 1994. Lenzing AG is a leading global viscose supplier, headquartered in Austria

  • Shortly thereafter started supplying LENZING™ FR to the Royal Canadian Navy for their flame-resistant uniforms

  • In 1996, began importing viscose from LENZING’s US plant for the Canadian fashion textiles and hygiene market

  • In addition to Canada, granted exclusive distributorship of LENZING™ FR for the US and Mexico in 1997. At this point warehousing facilities were arranged in order to keep product stocked in South Carolina. Also became more involved in the sales and marketing efforts for the product

  • In tandem with the decline of North American consumer textiles manufacturing, protective fabrics demand surged

  • In 2007, LENZING™ FR was adopted for US Army combat uniforms and became one of the largest global protective fabric programs to date

  • In 2013, we introduced TENCEL™ R100, which is a botanic-based fiber for flame-resistance in the bedding industry

  • We continue to serve our traditional specialty chemical customer base and are always interested in new products